Billboard radio charting artist Scotty James

About Scotty James

Scotty James is an acoustic/pop/contemporary artist from Ontario, Canada. Over the last 10 years Scotty has written 100s of songs, released multiple professional music videos, one of which has been featured on MTV. His smooth and soulful vocal tone captured the attention of thousands of fans and amassed millions of streams on social media around the world. He has won multiple major awards for his vocal talent and songwriting abilities, as well as topped the radio charts with his heartfelt love ballads.

Scotty is now offering up his many years of songwriting experience, and connections to help couples all around the world to create a very meaningful, and unique keepsake that will truly last a lifetime. Scotty has been building an experienced team of artists, songwriters and producers from some of the worlds hottest music cities like Toronto, and Nashville so you can rest assured that your song is going to be radio worthy! Songs created by the SJAMES team are heartfelt, authentic and emotional. Our goal is to capture the true essence of your relationship, in a song that you can play back for the rest of your lives.