Take Your Song to the Next level

Surprise serenade

Surprise your loved one via video chat, with a LIVE performance of your special song by your SJAMES artist! You will be contacted promptly to schedule your surprise serenade.


Studio Recording

Have your song professionally recorded by our world class producers. It will sound like it could be on the radio! Performed by your artist on acoustic guitar with harmonies if requested.


Song Extension

Want your song to be longer? Choose this upgrade to add an additional bridge, or verse to your song.


Rush Your Song

In a hurry to get your song? Don’t worry, just choose this option to receive your song within 24 hours.


Superstar Single Release

Your song will be fully produced using additional guitars, piano, percussion, etc. Fully mixed and mastered by world class engineers. It will be released on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will also include a personalized dedication of your choice


Professional Music Video

Turn your song into a visual masterpiece – Your song and story will be transformed into a professional music video using top video producers and actors! It will also feature Billboard artist Scotty James, or one of our talented team members. Your names will also be featured in the credits and listed as the executive producers.

Have you purchased one of the packages below? If so, select which one before moving forward.

*A professional music video can’t be created unless you have a professional recording.